Convert Pdf to Swf with SWFTools and Intallation on Linux Ubuntu

Installation And Usage

First you need to download the SWFTools for SWF manipulation and generation , for that you can directly download from here

Or Take a Git Clone  

git clone git://

So these are the steps you need to follow

tar -zvxf swftools-0.x.x.tar
cd swftools-0.x.x
make install

You also need to install few libraries, You can directly install these from Ubuntu Software Center , if you are using Ubuntu  
  1. freetype
  2. jpeglib
Now type this to confirm the installation

whereis pdf2swf
Once you have the location, you will be ready with the command

whereis pdf2swf
pdf2swf: /usr/bin/pdf2swf /usr/share/man/man1/pdf2swf.1.gz

Now you are on the way to use the command to covert pdf to swf

/usr/bin/pdf2swf -zl -p 1-10 -s bitmap -j 75 --viewer /path_to_background.swf /path_to_pdf_file.pdf -o /Output_pdf.swf


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