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Difference between PATCH and PUT requests

PATCH does a partial update and PUT is used to update the whole resource. Lets take an example If PATCH request submitted with 2 fields for a resource with 8 fields, then only those 2 fields are updated and for PUT request the 2 fields are updated and others are set to their default/existing values.

Apache Benchmark for load testing

Apache Bench is a great load testing tool for web servers Here are the following steps 1. Install Apache Bench sudo aptitude install apache2-utils 2. Run Apache Bench The following line uses keepalive for 10,000 connections, at a concurrency of 100 and a timeout of 20 seconds. Be sure to end root domains with a slash. ab -k -n 10000 -c 100 -t 20

View logger output in rails console

First you need start the console and then assign rails logger it to use standard out. rails c >> Rails.logger = >> User.class_method_to_debug You can use similar approach to debug rake tasks etc. You can find more information here  Debugging rails applications