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PostgreSql : Most common issues

Installation To install PostgreSQL, run the following command in the command prompt: sudo apt-get install postgresql Test the installation by following command here 8.3 is the version which i am using sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.3 restart Now that we can connect to our PostgreSQL server, Please make sure that you restart the server after making the below mentioned changes, the next step is to set a password for the postgres user. Run the following command at a terminal prompt to connect to the default PostgreSQL template database: sudo -u postgres psql template1 The above command connects to PostgreSQL database template1 as user postgres. Once you connect to the PostgreSQL server, you will be at a SQL prompt. You can run the following SQL command at the psql prompt to configure the password for the user postgres. ALTER USER postgres with encrypted password 'your_password'; Now you can also use the PGADMIN for the GUI with the following mentioned username and password.

Multiple Skype Instance on MAC (Snow Leopard)

Run the following command to open another instance of skype sudo /Applications/

Install ImageMagick on MAC (Snow Leopard)

Install MAC Ports (Download the .dmg file from macports website , install it and restart your system) Then run the following commands. sudo port install tiff -macosx imagemagick +q8 +gs +wmf Install Gem sudo gem install rmagick