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Servicenow: Tip for Quick Access

When using areference field If you don’t want thepopup to disappearas soon as you move your mouse, just press theshift keyand thiswill keep it in place allowing you to scroll. 

For list view, Hold the shift before hovering over theinformation (i) icon,this will render the page fully which iscompletely editable with UI actions and scripts.

Hidden tricks in Javascript console


One of those handy little things which are available in your browser developer tools console. Give it a try, Improve your JavaScript debugging !!

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ServiceNow style guide

Do you know style guide for ServiceNow? It has lots of interesting information. You can find it here for Geneva and Helsinki:



Javascript truth table + comparison operators

And some more..

What update set captures in Service Now?


Javascript Executor in Service Now

It's important to understand that this will only work for Client Side scripting; any server side code will not execute and must be executed in "Scripts - Background" to test the desired outcome.

This module is only available to users elevated to security admin level.

Press on Windows

Press Ctrl+Shift+j on Mac