Basic XML Questions and Answers

1. What is XML?
Answer: XML stands for Extensible Markup Language and is a markup language used to store and
transport data.

2. What are the advantages of XML?
Answer: XML has numerous advantages, such as being platform-independent, self-descriptive,
and extensible.

3. What is an XML element?
Answer: An XML element is a logical unit of XML that consists of a start tag, an end tag,
and content in between.

4. What is an XML attribute?
Answer: An XML attribute is a name/value pair that is associated with an element
and provides additional information about the element.

5. What is an XML document?
Answer: An XML document is a file that contains XML code and is used to store 
and transport data.

6. What is the difference between XML and HTML?
Answer: XML and HTML are both markup languages, but XML is used to store
and transport data, while HTML is used to display data.

7. What is the purpose of namespaces in XML?
Answer: Namespaces are used in XML to provide a method of differentiating elements
and attributes from different XML vocabularies.

8. What is an XML Schema?
Answer: An XML Schema is a language for describing the structure of an XML document.

9. What is an XPath?
Answer: XPath is a language for navigating and selecting elements in an XML document.

10. What is an XSLT?
Answer: XSLT is a language for transforming XML documents into other formats,
such as HTML or plain text.


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