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XA4PPR with Jabber for in band registration

xmpp4r gem jid = Jabber::JID::new('') client = Jabber::Client::new(jid) client.connect client.auth("admin_password") iqr = qr = qr.add_namespace('jabber:iq:register') username = 'nishant' password = 'nishant' qr.add('username').add_text(username)) qr.add('password').add_text(password)) iqr.add(qr) client.send iqr

Imagemagick prerequisites

Before installing  Imagemagick  in your system. Make sure you have these dependencies installed 1) PNG library - development libpng12-dev 2) Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package) libjpeg8 You can install these dependencies using Ubuntu Software Center.