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Asterix with arguments in Ruby

Lets create a method that accepts number of arguments def my_method(x, *y, **z) return x, y, z end Concept : x is a regular parameter. *y will take all the parameters passed after the first one and put them in an array. **z will take any parameter given in the format key: value at the end of the method call See the following examples: One parameter my_method(1) # => [1, [], {}] More than one parameter my_method(1, 2, 3, 4) # => [1, [2, 3, 4], {}] More than one parameter + hash-style parameters my_method(1, 2, 3, 4, a: 1, b: 2) # => [1, [2, 3, 4], {:a=>1, :b=>2}]

Date Localization and formatting

I18n.l is the easiest way to do it I18n.l(@user.created_at) And in case you want to use a different format : I18n.l(@user.created_at, :format => :short) You will find more documentation here