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Delete Object property in Javascript

You can remove properties from an object using the delete operator. The delete operator removed both the value and the property from the object.   Here is an example

ServiceNow Interview Questions

What is sys_id? Which protocal is used for create, update and delete incident through emails? How do you reference a Request Item's variable pool from any table? In a client script when should the call back option be used in 'getreference' How are workflows captured in update sets? How to flush out the servicenow instance chache? What are the few 'best practice' client side technologies that can speed up form speed without affecting performance? If you add a short description field to the task table? Does it also get added to child tables of the task table? When Using "g_form.getReference()" what is best practice? What would improve the performance of loading forms within ServiceNow? Can you call a business rule with the help of a client script? How Can You Cancel A Form Submission Through Client Script? What happens when a user make some changes to the homepage ? How you can remove Remember me check box from logi