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Bootstrap Modal + Remote Content + Rails way

First create a button or link that triggers the Bootstrap Modal. And In that link the "data-target " should point to Bootstrap Modal and you also need to provide an href attribute that  should point to a controller#action using routes.
<!-- Button trigger modal --><a href = "/page_to_fetch_remote_content/"class="btn btn-primary btn-lg"data-toggle="modal"data-target="#myModal" > Launch demo modal </a><!-- Modal --><divclass="modal fade"id="myModal"tabindex="-1"role="dialog"aria-labelledby="myModalLabel"aria-hidden="true"><divclass="modal-dialog"><divclass="modal-content"><divclass="modal-header"><buttontype="button"class="close"data-dismiss="modal"aria-hidden="true">&times;</button><h4class="modal-title"id="myModalLabel"&g…

JQuery + Keyup + Ajax

Here is a nice way to use "keyup" for ajax requests with a delay. That allows user to type in the whole word and using delay we can limit the number of server requests.
var interval = null; $('input#input_id').on('keyup', function() { var text = this.value; clearTimeout(interval); interval = setTimeout(function() { if(text){ $.ajax({ url: "/page/", data: { q: text.trim() }, dataType: "script" }); } }, 600) });