Basic Facts About Ruby on Rails Programming Language

The saying "Feels lighter, more agile, and easier to understand" has become the definition for ruby on rails. Many people still don't know that ror is otherwise called as ruby on rails. Let's learn more about the basic facts of ruby on rails, the lightening fast programming language today.

David Heinemeier Hansson has created ruby on rails during 2003. Today there are around 1500 contributors in the rails core team who has been extending wonderful features in rails.

Ruby on rails helps to develop a website much faster in a simple way. ROR is an interesting framework that has been implemented in almost all web solutions.
Famous websites such as BaseCamp, CrunchBase, Github, Hulu, Penny Arcade, Scribd, Spiceworks, Twitter, Urban Dictionary, XING and are using ruby on rails.

Some of the merits of ruby on rails include:
1. web applications can be performed in a matter of days.
2. dynamic, imperative and reflective
3. object-oriented programming language
4. supports multiple programming paradigms
5. easier to write than shell scripts
6. hundreds and hundreds of plug-ins
7. easier to build up a query

If a web development takes months to finish, we can complete the same project using ruby on rails in weeks or within matter of days. This is possible only by ruby on rails because it has incorporated the fast and simple development strategies and features from other programming languages.

If you want to update your knowledge on rails, follow the twitter. To Get Started in Rails, the official website, is a great tutorial that explains the fundamental concepts of ROR and the beta releases to work with rails skillfully.


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