ServiceNow Interview Questions

  • What is sys_id?
  • Which protocal is used for create, update and delete incident through emails?
  • How do you reference a Request Item's variable pool from any table?
  • In a client script when should the call back option be used in 'getreference'
  • How are workflows captured in update sets?
  • How to flush out the servicenow instance chache?
  • What are the few 'best practice' client side technologies that can speed up form speed without affecting performance?
  • If you add a short description field to the task table? Does it also get added to child tables of the task table?
  • When Using "g_form.getReference()" what is best practice?
  • What would improve the performance of loading forms within ServiceNow?
  • Can you call a business rule with the help of a client script?
  • How Can You Cancel A Form Submission Through Client Script?
  • What happens when a user make some changes to the homepage ?
  • How you can remove Remember me check box from login page?
  • What is setWorkflow(e) function does?
  • What the setForceUpdate() function does?
  • Can you update a record without updating its system fields(like sys_updated_by, sys_updated_on)?
  • What happens if a Default update set is marked as complete?
  • Which method is used to get all the active/inactive records from a table?
  • In addition to "Current" and "Previous" what is a server side global object available?
  • What is the best practice to map roles to user?
  • What are things which are not captured in an update set?
  • Consider a SLA of 2 days with schedule of 9-5 weekdays (excluding holidays). And SLA starts at Thursday noon and when is expected expire?
  • How do you make a field unique?
  • When using a "before" business rule what should you avoid using that can impact form performance?
  • Which table is used for view History on incident, problem and change requests?
  • More questions will be added to this list.


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