Basic File Related Linux/Unix Commands

ls – directory listing

ls -al – formatted listing with hidden files

cd dir - change directory to dir

cd – change to home

pwd – show current directory

mkdir dir – create a directory dir

rm file – delete file

rm -r dir – delete directory dir

rm -f file – force remove file

rm -rf dir – force remove directory dir *

cp file1 file2 – copy file1 to file2

df – show disk usage

free – show memory and swap usage

mv file1 file2 – rename or move file1 to file2

whereis app – show possible locations of app

touch file – create or update file

cat > file – places standard input into file

more file – output the contents of file

head file – output the first 10 lines of file

tail file – output the last 10 lines of file

tail -f file – output the contents of file as it


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