Difference between Application server and Web Server

Apache, nginx, IIS are web servers 

Mongrel, Webrick, Phusion passenger are application servers

Application server is something which works with particular programming language and parses and executes the code since mongrel and webrick can only work with rails, so they are app servers

Web servers are servers which can take the request from the browser. Web servers normally works on port 80 though we can change the port in configuration since mongrel and webrick can take that request directly, so they can be thought of as web servers but web servers do have a lot of other functionality like request pipeline, load balancing etc. App servers lack these functionalities. 

About Mongrel server: mongrel work as web as well as app server if you are talking about dev environment but in production, mongrel alone can not work it will be too slow so we need a web server in front of mongrel


  1. How to run rails 3 application using mongrel and apache?


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